• Gyalwa Drong Ngur Choje

    General explanation. Drong Ngur Choje has historical background for more than 800 years. He is one among the emanation guru of Tibet with a long historical background. He is also an indisputable learned and accomplished great being of Tibet who has served dharma and benefitted sentient beings immensely. So far, …

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  • Nagtod Memo Drakar

    Among Drong Ngur Choje’s three secret places, the secret place of speech Nagtoe Memo Drakar is situated presently in Tibet at the border between Shagchu of Driru district and Drachen district. This hill has a very long history and its marveling structure is extremely beautiful. The Chronicles of Padmasambhava states: …

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  • Sebthra Zagen

    Among Drong Ngur Choje’s three secret supreme sacred places, the supreme sacred place of mind Sebthra Zagen is situated currently in Shagchu region. Rocky mountains with lots of attractive sceneries can be seen. Lots of wondrous outer, inner and secret features are precisely clear in the guidebook to a sacred …

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  • Shag Wathang Drong Ngur Monastery

    Among Drong Ngur Choje’s three secret supreme places, Wathang Drong Ngur Kagyu Phelge Ling monastery is the supreme sacred place of body. As master Padmasambhava’s statement, the first Drong Ngur Choje Gyalwa Gangpa Rinchen Woser founded it in 1248 for the benefit of sentient beings. Until now, it has the …

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During the Seventh Convocation Ceremony of Ngagyur Nyingma Institute


During the Seventh Convocation Ceremony of Ngagyur Nyingma Institute on 22nd December 2017 in the morning, presided by H.H. Dalai Lama, Drong Ngur Choje Rinpoche received his master’s certificate in Buddhist Philosophy from his holiness’s hand. At that time, total 531 graduates from the year 2011 to 2017 -443 monks …

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Each Knowledge Has Its Own Special Quality.

As it is said by Jamgon Sapen: Although one possess wisdom in one aspect, It is difficult to master in all activities. Even a very clear eye Isn’t able to hear sound. As stated, presently it is very important that everyone –wise, foolish, old, and young or mid should know …

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smile face

Smile – The Cooling Fan of Peace and Happiness

  You joyfully embrace in the pollen of my heart. Your white with luster of red radiant smile drifts. The rays of your smile make our speech glorious and intoxicated. Please show your smile to me.   In an elegant teaching of Sakya lama, He has not explained the smile …

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We all think if we could practice dharma. We also have strong intention of doing meditation. But in this busy life, we say we don’t have free time to do meditation and practice dharma. Infact, do we really don’t have the free time to do meditation and practice dharma? Last …

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Happiness and Suffering

In this world, there are only few people who recognize suffering as suffering and happiness as happiness. People grasp happiness as suffering and suffering as happiness. Some people experience suffering throughout their whole life for the sake of happiness while some people enjoy the jewel of peace and happiness in …

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